So we’re human, we’re sexual beings and thank god for that.  Unfortunately, we are lead to believe that sex is something to be ashamed of like a dirty little secret.  We can’t help this feeling, it’s often an idea that is enforced in our youth and even when we become an adult we still feel it.  This is actually a sad and sometimes dangerous fact.

What do I mean by dangerous?  Well basically when we’re an adult dating and having sex and just all around living our lives, we are on this “don’t ask don’t tell” policy with sex.  This leads us to withhold any health concerns we may have.  We are usually to embarrassed to ask our doctors or seek out assistance with any issues we are experiencing.  This is a very bad idea.  It can lead to permanent damage to our bodies and health or that of anyone we sleep with.

Our society needs to do more than just educate our youth with a sex ed class or two.  It’s something that needs to be talked about openly.  This falls on the responsibility of the parents and physicians as well.  If we don’t get our youth to start see sex as something not to be embarrassed or ashamed about they were discuss more openly and recognize when they need more help.  My friends are guilty of this as well but because I’m their adult friend they feel comfortable asking me about their concerns.  Unfortunately, not everyone is a sex health nurse like me so when they asked their friends about any questions they have it’s kind of like the blind leading the blind.

So, please be an adult about this and realize sex is nothing to be embarrassed about and if you have any concerns about your body speak up.  Don’t leave it, don’t use web MD, don’t ask your friends.  All of these are the cowards way out.  Remember that old saying from that kids cartoon show “knowledge is power”.