So as you all know, Miss West and I are thang and trust me, I’m a lucky man.  But my job sometimes forces me to travel for longer periods of time than I would like.  I’m talking nothing huge but a couple weeks at a time and when you’re in a adult dating relationship like ours, 2 weeks with no sex is a freaking lifetime.  And it’s not just hard for me but it’s hard for her as well (or not hard, literally, which is the whole problem.)  So, we’ve had to come up with some alternatives that will keep up sexual appetites satisfied without looking for an adult friend to keep us company.

After doing just a small amount of research and asking for free dating sex advice from some of our virtual and real world friends, it’s easy to see we have lots of options.

  • phone sex
  • sexting
  • online sex and cybering (laptops with built in webcams are always convenient)
  • home videos made before
  • secret pictures placed randomly around the house or luggage to be discovered at a later time
  • seXBOXing (new way of phone sex but over an game console like XBOX)
  • and this is for those who have been doing it awhile… show up!  Make a surprise visit at the door wearing nothing but a trench coat.

Never use distance as a reason for being unfaithful to your adult dating relationship unless you have both clearly discussed that this is what you want because there are always options.  Trust me, I love sex in every form and don’t know what I would do if I was with a women who wouldn’t accommodate that or at least understand.  If you truly love you’re partner you’ll both put in the effort to figure out what works best for you both.

Make a hot connection with your lover somewhere over the rainbow today.  Just leave the munchkin where he is.

>Chris Champagne