Sex Deprived?

Every now and then an adult can go through a… dry spell let’s say.  Meaning they ain’t getting anything from anyone.  This can be VERY frustrating.  It leads to mood swings, weight gain and sometimes and all around depression.  We’re sexual beings and in order to stay healthy were meant to fuck.  Sorry for the vulgar language but it’s just a blunt fact.  When we’re not having sex on a regular basis (I’m not saying everyday or even every other third day just consistent timing) it makes us cranky.  Now you may not want be dating anyone right now.  You could be too busy or just out of a relationship but that doesn’t mean you should punish yourself with no sex.  Solution?  Find an adult friend that will help you out.

Adult Friend

Sleeping with an adult friend gives you the opportunity to have sex with someone you trust.  It gives a quick pay off to a need that you both have.  It also ensures that there is no confusion over what the relationship “is”, which means no broken hearts.  You’ll be over it before the first commercial  break of your favorite Seinfield re-run.

Free Sex that’s Free Dating

This adult friend will provide you with drama free sex.  You also don’t have to put out any money for stupid little encounters and drinks so it’s a free dating experience.  Simply call each other up when the need strikes and make fulfill each others sexual desires.  Should one of you meet somebody else there is no commitment there to be broken.  As friends you will respect each other enough to be open and honest without taking the “break up” personally.

So, stop being depressed and sex deprived.  Look around.  I’m sure you have an adult friend that will be the perfect person to give you free sex.