There, it’s said.  It’s just a word.  Get over it. Almost everyone does it.  Fuck, if we could all agree on the fact that sex is good for you and come together on that universal truth there would be no war.

So, me and my girlfriend Joslyn (the other blogger for this site) like to try new things.  We know it, our friends know it, everyone knows it.  We’re pretty open with our sex lives.  Of course, we’re not going to throw it grandma pearl’s face or anything but we’re not going to hide it from each other.

I never really understood what the big deal was.  We’re both an adult and we’re both people who like to fuck.  LaDeDa.  I think if we weren’t meant to enjoy each other and ourselves, than why does it feel so good?  Answer me that.  Hopefully by writing this blog people will open up their mind a bit and learn something from these free sex advice columns.  All we’re asking is for you to try.  Never judge us or others on what they like under the sheets because chances are you are too fucking scared to even try it first.

Sex is such a huge topic that there is so much to even cover.  We’re going to go into bondage, S and M, role play, seXBOXing, positions and techniques.  We’re also going to answer your questions.  So, please if anyone, whether you think you’re a fucking god, literally or a virgin, has any questions send them to us.  We’ll be sure to get all the information you need to give you a hot steamy answer.  With a bit of luck we’ll also have a guest blogger or two explaining some of their best and worst sexcapades.

So, if you’re an adult and you want to become an amazing fucker this is the place for you.  Nothing is off limits, gay or straight.  Trust me, nothing will be a surprise.  I even challenge you to throw something at me that would shock or stump me sexually.  Go ahead.  I dare ya.

Like actual champagne, suck it all back and feel it pop and sizzle.


>Chris Champagne