So you’re alone.  Big woop.  Did somehow my previous post not help you?  Maybe, you somehow have looked around and you don’t have that adult friend that you can hook up with for some free sex.  I don’t know your situation but I’m going to make sure all my bases are covered so that there isn’t one person out there who isn’t meeting the big O on a regular basis.

Just because there is no person in your life that you can have no strings sex with and no person for some adult dating doesn’t mean that’s the end of your sexual life.  You have, and will always have, yourself.  You know that you can give yourself the time of day to get an orgasm.   You know you won’t be judging what you’re wearing, how much time you have or what you look like naked.  And you know exactly how to pleasure yourself without worrying about reciprocating.

Masturbating can be very enjoyable and liberating.  There are tons of ways to do it with tons of different props.  This is especially

true for adult women.  We are blessed with the opportunity to have hundreds of sex toys that will help us cum in a variety of ways.  There are toys like the Rabbit or Dolphin that is amazing for clitoral stimulation.  You can then use your free hand simultaneously to stimulate your G spot.  Or use one of the many dildos on the market to give you that real life sex feeling while you use your other hand to touch the clit.  OR fuck, there are some toys out there that do it all for you.


Guys, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you.  You’re sex toy options are up and coming as well.  One that has had rave reviews is something like looks like water balloon tube that you put some lube in and stick you cock inside to jerk off in.  This gives you that “warm apple pie” feeling that the cliche teen movie, American Pie, always describes.

The point of telling you all of this is so that you don’t deny yourself the big O just because you don’t have a partner.  A solo performance can be just as rewarding if not more so.