So ladies, here is the question of the week from a girl in Kingston, Ontario addressed to the “man’s point of view” or MPOV.

“Dear fizz and bubbly Champagne, I met this awesome guy the friday before last through a mutual adult friend and we really hit it off.  We had some drinks with a group of people and he ended up coming home with me having sex.  We exchanged numbers and he ACTUALLY called the next night.  We ended up going out again and he came home with me again.  He said he had a good time and we should hang out again but I haven’t heard from him yet.  I texted him but he hasn’t replied.  What does this mean?  We’ve been together twice.  If he wasn’t interested why did he come back the second time?

Fuck for Two Please

Sincerely, Two Night Nancy”

WELL.  To be blunt – he’s not going to call.  Or text.  Or email.  Or send a homing bird.  This guy isn’t feeling you.  I don’t care if he slept with you three or four nights in a row.  If he hasn’t called and it’s been almost what?  2 weeks?  Ya, he’s not going to.  Don’t feel bad, we do this sometimes.  It could be for a couple reasons, some of which may have nothing to do with you (or maybe it did).

don't cyber stalk

For example,

  • he met somebody else
  • had nothing to do the saturday
  • enjoyed your place waaaay more than his (girls always have clean sheets, are nice smelling and have a stocked fridge)
  • liked the break from singledom
  • free sex, duh
  • you were bad in bed but thought he’d give you another chance… fail
  • didn’t want to see you again but was too much of a coward to say no at first
There is no way to tell what his exact reasoning is behind not calling and having sex with you again.  I’m sure your fucking hot and amazing so don’t waste your time stalking him.  If you got him, you’ll easily get someone else who will call back for fuck number three.  Who knows you might even get some free dating experiences out of it.
>Chris Champagne