Now, that we have been up and running with our free sex blog for a couple weeks, it is time we introduced the “Position of the Week”.  This will be a weekly posting of various sex position to make you cum cum cum until you can’t take it anymore (if there is such a thing).

So, now I’m going to start off hard this week because that’s the way I like it and seeing as how this is my free sex blog, it’s the way it’s going to be! This is a position for the more risqué and advanced sexual fiends out there in the cyberverse but if you’re up for a little bit more of a challenge then doggie style go for it.

The BOOTYlicious

This bootyful position gives the guy a great view of your ass with great control of the speed and depth of the thrusting.  Start with the guy sitting on the bed legs straight as you lie on your stomach between them.  Wrap your arms around legs and push yourself onto his cock and let him revel at your entire backside.  This leaves his hands free to touch and slap your ass or help you move along his shaft.  Like Beyonce, you’re so bootyliciousThis position is also great if you are a little self – conscious because you are facing away from the guy so make as many faces as you want or pretend like they are better looking then they really are.

Stay tuned for next weeks sweet sex moves and we’ll choose something a little easier for those sexual adult beginners out there looking to get it in.