Sex Bondage Enlightened


Sex bondage has been brought more mainstream in the past twenty years.  During the late 1900′s it would get brief mention in sex books and movie references but was generally still a largely taboo topic.  Thanks to icons like Bettie Page who was a main model that depicted bondage modeling, it slowly made its emergence as a sexually stimulating and arousing erotica.  Now you can find it everywhere from online to magazines to the internet obviously and even the streets.

Bettie Page

Adult Bondage

So, what exactly is bondage?  Well, it can generally be described as finding pleasure in the use of restraints for sexual arousal of other partners involved.  It can be a varying degree of things depending on how seriously you are into it.  You can do anything from handcuffing, hog tying, spread eagle, and so forth.  This is all while your partner sexual stimulates you or themselves or both.  Role play is also often involved when it comes to bondage.

Sex and Safety

One of the most important things to remember about any sexual act is safety.  This becomes especially important when dealing with bondage.  To ensure the safety of you and your partner make sure that you follow some of these general rules as well as any precautions that make sense to your specific circumstance.

  • have a safe word that will notify your partner of actual danger
  • avoid positions that would induce choking or suffocating
  • eat before hand when engaging in long sessions
  • don’t stay in one position for more than an hour
  • don’t leave a bond person alone
  • make sure your partner can be released fast in an emergency
These are just vague rules I can think of so just use your head people!  You’re an adult so do what makes sense.

>Chris Champagne