Having an adult friend can be great, until you get sick of the sex. So how do you break the news that you’re all fucked out? Read on and find some great tips for dumping that fuck buddy.


Ways to dump him cruelly.


Choice one: You can be mean. This is only recommended if he did something unforgivable the last time you fucked, like…left the condom inside of you and didn’t tell you. Or called you by your best friends name.

1. Answering machine: “Hi, I’m not home right now. If you’re Daniel please hang up. If you’re any other available male, leave a message after the tone.

2. While you’re having sex say “do you think the ceiling needs painting?”.

3. Tell him you want a baby, but that you need someone more attractive to breed with.


Ways to dump him with no face to face


Choice two: You’re chicken and you don’t want to do it in person. Seriously, he’s a fuck buddy, you don’t have to dump him in person if you don’t want to. This way is also good for making a clean break, since it’s a little…cold.
1. Send him an e-mail saying that you’ve just gotten really busy, so busy, that you couldn’t find time to tell him that you’re no longer able to hook up.

2. The next time he texts you asking for a booty call, text him back saying “not now, not ever”.

3. Leave him a message on his machine saying that you’ve decided to do a “cleanse” which includes no sex for one hundred days. Say you’ll call him when it’s finished, but don’t.


Ways to dump him with compassion


Choice three: Kiss him off with kindness. If he’s always been a great sex partner and hasn’t given you any trouble, you can dump him nicely. With all of the below suggestions I recommend a six pack of beer, put it in the fridge. It’s a good way to take the sting away.

1. Pick a very boring day, no holidays, no birthdays, just a boring day, then blame it on the chemistry, or lack of. Tell him you’d love to be movie watching buddies, just not fuck buddies.

2. Lie and tell him you’ve met someone and it’s getting serious, so you need to cut things off with the adult friend stuff. Say he’s a fantastic sex partner and that you can’t see him because it will be too tempting. This will leave him with his ego firmly in check.

3. Blame yourself. Say you’re going through some personal stuff and that you need some alone time and a break from all things sexual. Reassure him that he’s a wonderful lover, but it’s bad timing.




No matter how you break things off, keep your distance for a while. Otherwise it sends a mixed message. If he calls, unless it’s important, don’t answer or return the call. Don’t text, don’t e-mail and if you’re facebook friends, don’t leave comments on his page.

Dumping someone cleanly is the kindest way to do it, for you and for them.