Forking sex 101

Spooning, as they say, leads to forking. What the fork am I talking about? For all of the people out there looking for a fun sex position that you can do on a lazy Tuesday evening, might I suggest…forking?

What’s that? Well it’s like spooning with a couple of extra prongs.

Forking is a great hang over sex position because the work is shared equally and neither of you have to exert yourself too much. You can start off by spooning, then when things get hard and wet, just lift a leg and get that snake down the hole.

The great thing about this position is that is leaves lots of room for sex toys on the clitoris or just a good amount of touching.

It works well if one or both sex partners have a physical disability as well because there is very little heavy lifting involved and the movement can be just simple pelvic thrusts. Forking lets the guy go deeper, while giving the girl good control as well.

It’s a great adult dating warm up sex position, because it’s romantic and can easily come about naturally from snuggling and spooning. Forking is not only a pleasurable position, it’s also quiet (good for roommate situations) and is a great gateway to easing into anal sex.

Tune in next Tuesday to check out our sex position of the week!