Put on your cowboy boots and get out the lube ladies. We’re getting on top for the position of the week.


Are you feeling like you need a little more control in the bedroom? The rider is a great sex position to take in order to grab the reins on your own pleasure.

How do you saddle up and get off to a good start? First things first, pull out a condom and get your adult friend to wrap up his candy for you. Next, get the engine rolling with some fun foreplay. Once you’re all warmed up, get him to lay down on his back.

You can hop on him fast and furious, but what’s the rush?

Put on a lot of lube and get both legs in either side of his torso, in prayer position. Slide up on his dick, then ease him, really slowly, inside of you. Now you can ride him any way you please.

Suggested riding techniques:

  • Crazy eights: Swirl your hips in figure eights while also bobbing up and down.
  • backwards bend: Put your arms behind you on the bed and arch your back so that you are looking up at the ceiling/back wall. This is great for him because he gets a perfect view of your body.
  • Push ups: While on top and straddling him, put your hands on either side of his head and get in really close while humping him vertically.
  • Scissoring: Grab one of his legs and get it so you’re almost in a scissor position while still being on top. This one really gets men going!

Riding is a great position to use vibrators in, or to just massage your clit while you’re having sex. Having an orgasm is highly probably in this position thanks to the control you have over your pleasure.

Have fun out there in the wild west dating world! Remember to use protection and play safe!