Sharon Stone has announced she will be playing Linda Lovelace’s mother in the porn biopic “Lovelace”.

This news comes after the news that Malin Akerman has taken over Lindsay Lohan role with the other (scandalized) Lovelace movie “Inferno”.

This sexy 53 year old actress who practically breathes sex probably could have played Linda herself a few years ago, but now she’s graciously taking roles that fit her age and continuing talents. Amanda Seyfried will play Linda and Alexander Sarsgaard will play her jerk husband.

Considering the many problem with the competing biopic “Inferno”, it’s good that the producers of Lovelace are going with a strong and relatively drama free actress like Sharon Stone.

Maybe she can give Amanda Seyfried advice on how to handle being in a semi scandalous role. After all, this is the actress who spread her legs for the camera in Basic Instinct, which shot her to stardom.



The associated press also shared with Erotic News that Stone has put together an online facebook page welcoming home the troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. Well done Stone, you’re really a hell of a gal!