It’s time to get out the note book and pen because you’re about to learn a new sex position that I’ve aptly named the hug bang. This is big erotic news (ok not really) and you should drag out your adult friend to practice this new sex act right away!

Here’s how to do this sex position

Sex Location

Couch or chair.

First off, push your adult friend down into a chair or couch. Next start to tantalize them with a good crotch to crotch grind through your pants. Kiss, touch and make out until he’s almost bursting through his pants.

Sex position

Straddle that man

Yank off his pants and kneel before him. Take his dick in your hands and get sucking! Use lots of spit and make strong eye contact while you’re giving his a strong blowjob.

Get out the condom

Slide that sucker on him and continue sucking

Suck for a while after you put on the condom. Then strip out of your clothes like a banana being peeled. Now crawl on top of him and slide his dick inside of you.

Ride him how you like it, fast or slow. Remember that if he has any pubic hair to grind against it for strong clitoral stimulation. This sex position is similar to the rider, click here for that sex position.

This position really bring intimacy into a relationship. You can make long, meaningful eye contact and even do tantric breathing together. It gives the woman a good amount of control and is fun loving for all!

Enjoy and be safe with you sex.