In this age of all things sexual, you would think that Americans would finally be getting the hint about using condoms. Sadly they have not. According to breaking news from the Durex Global Survey six out of ten adult men and women do not use ANY form of sexual protection the first time they had sex.

Here’s what the stats are telling us about condom use in America.

  • Six out of 10 U.S. men and women (60 percent) didn’t use any form of protection against HIV/AIDS or sexually transmitted infections (STIs) when they lost their virginity. This number is startlingly high when compared to the lower rates in other countries such as Mexico (49 percent) and Colombia (47 percent).


  • Among those who risked not practicing safer sex, the largest proportion of U.S. men and women (49 percent) say they were confident their sexual partner was free of STIs, although one in five (20 percent) of all those in a relationship admit they are unsure of their partner’s experience.


  • And close to a quarter of all U.S. women (24 percent) who have taken a risk say it was a mistake they regretted.


  • U.S. men claim to have an average of 20 different sexual partners in total — fewer than the men in Canada (27) or Australia (24) but more than in France (19), Britain (17) or Mexico (15).


  • Meanwhile, U.S. women have had 10 partners on average, the same number as women in Britain and France but more than in Canada (9) and Italy (8).


What does  this mean? That Americans are putting themselves at serious risk to HIV, HPV and a number of other STI’s, not to mention pregnancy. This is terrible news for the USA.

As a nurse working in a sexual health clinic I’m not really surprise, but I am saddened. Condoms are free at all planned parenthood location and there’s really no excuse to not use them.

If you’re too shy to ask your partner to use a condom, then you’re too shy to be having sex. Period. Let’s get it together folks! Keep an eye out for my next post on the top ten ways to ask your partner for a STI screening.