It might not be news that most people would rather have a match to call their own during the holidays, but did you know that they would rather have love than a job? Pretty impressive to chose romance over cold hard cash. Read on for an inspiring study on what people really want for the holidays.

A new study have come to a surprising conclusion on what people really want for Christmas.

Paul McCartney said “All you need is love.” and apparently it’s true. According to CBC news.

Here’s how the numbers break down…

  • 46 percent of singles said finding a new romantic interest topped their holiday wish list.
  • 29 percent of singles who wanted a job for Christmas.
  • 15 percent want the new iPhone 4S.

Although it might be more likely to get an iPhone for Christmas than a new love, the odds of you finding a match are still a little higher than that of you finding a job.

Finding love in the holiday season isn’t totally impossible…

Just keep your eyes open at the New Years eve parties for singles and let your friends know you’re open to getting set up. Online dating sites are also a great way to meet people last minute for some fun holiday hook ups. You never know, a one night stand could be the beginning of a beautiful adult dating arrangement.

Happy Holidays, from Erotic Ads News.