According to The Huffington Post, Whitney Thompson of America’s Next Top Model has started up a plus sized dating site. Whitney apparently felt this was a good idea and although I’m glad that this idea came from a plus sized woman, I can’t help feeling very conflicted about it.

Here’s what Whitney had to say about her past dating experiences.

“[When] I would [call myself] a ‘plus-sized model’ . . . guys would expect me to be a really big girl. But if I said, ‘I’m a model,’ [they were] disappointed that I’m bigger. Either way, I wasn’t what the guy was looking for,” she says.

For someone who’s been working with eating disorder awareness campaigns, she certainly is body focused. Wouldn’t it be a better move to create an online dating site where there are no profile pictures at all? So that people got to know the “real you” before seeing what you looked like swayed their opinion? As a nurse, I see far too many women injuring themselves in the name of “beauty”.

When will women realize that who we are has very little to do with our bodies?

If more men and women saw their bodies for what they really are, just vehicles to get around in, maybe all of the objectification and eating disorders would start to wain in society. I just wrote a post about how penis size effects men, so it’s not just women who are hung up on their bodies, it’s everyone.

Although I understand where the sentiments are coming from in regards to specialized online dating sites, they are not helping plus sized women in the long run. Online dating sites like these are just pushing discrimination online more firmly into place.

For all of the people out there who are going to assume I’m just a skinny girl who doesn’t understand, I’m not. I have been “plus sized” in the past and although I fit into non plus sized clothing today, I definitely am not a size four. Would I submit myself to the chubby chasers that will most likely be racing to this dating site just to get some action? Hell no.

I’d rather take my chances on a regular dating site.