Strange and new developments on the sexual health front today. Findings from a new study from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PSAS) is indicating that the dietary exposure from BPA (bisphenol A) may be responsible for the sexually unattractiveness of men. For more on this scientific sex discovery, read on.

Why is BPA bad for sex?

BPA stops any process that estrogen normally mediates, affecting brain, body, and behavior. It also messes with the way genes express themselves, turning up those that would otherwise be turned off or down. BPA exposure has been linked to breast cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, attention-deficit disorder, increased anxiety, a decreased IQ in children and a low sperm count in men.

Bisphenol A (BPA) is found in things we use every day. Soup and soda cans, bottled water and sports drinks. Water pipes. Computers. Cell phones. Thermal paper receipts. Paper money. Even some baby bottles—at least in the U.S., because they are not banned here.

New evidence shows that BPA emasculates males and makes them sexually undesirable.

Adult mice whose mothers were fed a dosage of BPA equivalent to what the USDA deems safe for pregnant women, were… different from other males.

“One of the prominent effects of early BPA exposure is that it eliminates a number of sex differences in brain and behavior,”

the researchers wrote. It turned out that BPA-exposed males can’t find their way out of a maze or to their nest, which is considered unattractive to females. They are also incurious and easily lost and have an overall reduced attractiveness to the opposite sex. They may even smell different from their peers—in rodents, a sign of unhealthiness. Females are disgusted.

Now men aren’t mice, but evidence shows that BPA affects us as well, and in doses below the below the safety threshold in the United States. A whopping 93 percent of American pregnant women has detectable BPA in her body, which is passed on to her fetus.

What can you do to stop it?

Avoid canned produce and buy soda (if you have to) in glass bottles, they are around, you just have to look for them. Companies are coming out with tomatoes in glass jars, use those and search out BPA alternatives.

Also taking folic acid and B12 supplements may also provide a reversing effect. Read more on that here.

Men and women fight with your dollars and don’t buy products that have BPA in them. Everyone deserves a good sex life!