Oh boy! It’s trashy celebrity erotic news today. Britney Spears’s former bodyguard is making a tell-all book where he’ll reveal the singer’s kinky sex secrets.

What on earth could Britney Spears have to hide? According to Fernando Flores, 31 (a loyal employee for the star for five months in 2010), she had threesomes, orgies and lesbian romps during her music tours.

Flores had lined up a million-dollar deal with a major publisher. The release should coincide with Britney’s third marriage to Jason Trawick reported The Sun.

Here’s what this blabbermouth security guard told a friend:

“Britney has a huge sexual appetite and, from what she told me, her tours were an anything-goes environment.

“I heard stories of threesomes, orgies, girls making out – things that would make your hair stand on end.

“She had a lot of young, attractive dancers around her on tour, and things would get crazy. There was drinking, drugs, steamy sessions in hot tubs, all sorts of things.”

Britney and Christina Aguilera famously shared a lesbian inspired kiss with Madonna on stage at the 2003 Video Music Awards.”

Flores is suing the star for sexual harassment, saying she repeatedly stripped in front of him and tried to bed him. He also says he saw the singer engage in inappropriate conduct around her young sons and once borrowed his belt to discipline them. Flores is seeking unspecified damages from the Grammy Award-winner and his former employer, Advanced Security Concepts.

He launched the case in 2010 and is due to be heard in court this year.

But her team have pledged to fight his claims. Last night a spokesman denied the latest allegations, according to The Sun. Britney reportedly plans to marry later this year, when her legal troubles are wrapped up, RadarOnline.com reported today. Trawick proposed last month, just before his 40th birthday.

Britney was first married in 2004, to childhood friend Jason Alexander but the marriage only lasted 55 hours. Her second was to rapper-dancer Kevin Federline, with whom she has two sons. The couple divorced in 2007 after three years together.

Is this true? Or is it just sour grapes and lies from a body guard who only lasted five months on the job? Weigh in with your comments below.