Important sexual health news was gotten wrong, once again by Fox news.  This time it’s falsely alleging that religious groups that provide medical insurance would now have to pay for abortions (or at least abortion “pills”). NOT TRUE. Get the full story after the jump.

Mornings with the Fox and lying friends

On Monday morning’s Fox and Friends, during a discussion of the new announcement that religious employers will have an extra year to comply with the preventive services mandate, a Fox News analyst Peter Johnson, Jr. falsely stated that the regulations require employers to “provide drugs that induce abortions.”

The Obama administration announced, last year, that insurance plans would be required to provide a raft of preventive services, including contraception and sterilization. Currently, religious organizations enjoy a “conscience exemption,”

The new announcement that Fox was talking about does means that non-church religious employers will be required to cover such services, without deductibles or coinsurance, beginning in August of 2013.

Fox News makes false claims about abortion and health care with religeous organizations.

In talking about his outrage over the announcement, that stupid Fox guy Peter Johnson, Jr. falsely claimed that President Obama

“has said the federal government is going to demand that Catholic universities, Catholic social service agencies, and Catholic institutions other than churches provide drugs that induce abortions, provide sterilizations, provide contraceptions free, really in violation of Catholic faith and really, other organizations and other religious organizations, it violates their faith.”

In reality the new regulations only to contraceptives, including emergency contraception, and does not require these employers to cover the “abortion pill,” or any drug that “induces abortions.” This is the second time in a month that Fox and Friends have confused emergency contraception with the “abortion pill” RU486.

To be clear: Emergency contraception doesn’t “induce abortions,” and can’t induce abortions. Plan B must be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex, and the “Ella” pill, within 120 hours, long before a pregnancy could actually occur.

Anti-abortion activists have tried to muddy the waters, not only by falsely calling Plan B a “morning after abortion pill,” but by also claiming that “Ella” can cause abortions if taken after pregnancy occurs, which, for the record doesn’t work.

The ridiculous and stupidity of Fox News continues…For all your HONEST sex related news, please come to Erotic News.