A restaurant owner refused service to the homophobic and ill informed Tennessee state Senator. Stacey Campfield. You might remember him from our earlier news article that spoke about his ill informed rant on a local radio station saying how it’s “virtually impossible” to get AIDS through heterosexual sex. Read on for more on this heroic tale.

Here’s how it went down

She said: Martha Boggs, the owner of the Bistro at Bijou, located on Gay Street, said that she saw Campfield walk in and thought immediately that he was not welcome in her restaurant because of his comments on homosexuality.

“It was one of those spur-of-the-moment things. I didn’t think about what I was doing, but all I did was look at his smug face, and told myself I do not want to serve him. His comments have gone from stupid to dangerous and I think someone needs to stand up to him,” Boggs said.

He said: Republican state Sen. Stacey Campfield told ABC News he went out to brunch at The Bistro at Bijou restaurant on Sunday with some friends after doing a radio show, but the owner of the restaurant quickly approached him, refusing service.

“We were just standing there waiting for a table, and this woman came up to me saying, ‘I’m not serving you, I’m not serving you, you hate gay people,’” Campfield said. “‘I said ma’am I’m not a homophobe,’ and I offered to send her links from the CDC website to back up what I said about homosexuality being a dangerous lifestyle, and being a risky behavior.”

State Senator Campfield was then tossed like a salad from the bistro!

The piles of manure that dropped from Campfield’s mouth during his radio interview has not gone unnoticed. The CDC does NOT back him up. Click on the purple link if you want to read more on this sex lies story.

Personally I’m glad that in America we at least still have the right to refuse service to people who we consider to be a danger to our patrons, and misinformed senators who get radio air play with their any gay rhetoric certainly fit the bill.