Rumors are flying around the internet this morning about a scandalous and extremely graphic photo of Juliette Lewis and Terry Richardson having sex. Is this true? Is the photo of their full penetration sex real? Is this really news?

Terry Richardson is known for his photography and for his crazy sex life. So why not combine the two? Maybe that’s why an alleged photo of Terry Richardson having sex with actress Juliette Lewis popped up online last night.

Here is a SFW version of Juliette and Terry

The website Totally NSFW tweeted out a photo that appeared to show Terry Richardson having sex with a woman who looked a lot like Juliette Lewis.

Here is the (still alleged) Terry Richardson Juliette Lews sex photo (very NSFW)

Gawker reports that the Terry Richardson-Juliette Lewis sex photo is real, saying they confirmed that Richardson worked on a photo shoot recently. The story suggests, however, that the Richardson-Lewis nude photo may have been taken several years ago.

It really does look real to me, what do you all think?