Valentine’s Day is a time for couples to celebrate their love, or sometimes just their lust. Because Erotic New’s is dedicated to keeping you up to date on all of the most important sex news, once and while we like to also let you know about the hottest erotic movies out there. Why go out to the cinema and sit with a bunch of teenagers gawking at Channing Tatum when you’d really rather be at home snuggling in bed? Here are my five favorite erotic movies to watch on Valentine’s Day.

movie sex and lucia

Number 1 for erotic movies is Sex and Lucia.

A Spanish film with subtitles this movie is mucho caliente! It has it all, tragedy, love and lots of sex! The only drawback would be subtitles for those who aren’t used to it.

Sexy women talking

Number 2 for erotic films is Mulholland Drive

Next up is David Lynch’s erotic masterpiece Mulholland Drive. Lesbian erotica and Naomi Watt’s break out performance made this movie one to watch. With the Film Noir psychologically thrilling plot and all the hot sexual tension, you’ll be crawling into your adult friend’s lap in no time!

Diane Land and Viggo Mortensen

Number 3 for sexy films is: A walk on The Moon

Not to be confused with A Walk to Remember (the sickly sweet Mandy Moore movie). This movie has Diane Lane and Viggo Mortenson at their absolute peak hotness. It’s about a hippie and a housewife, but who really cares when these two are naked and having sex the entire move?

Number 4 for hot films is: Out of Sight

Before Jennifer Lopez became the American Idol judge and butt wiggling crappy actress that we know her to be these days, she starred in a fantastic crime film directed by Steven Soderbergh. Her co-star was none other than George Clooney and the sexual chemistry between them on this movie is electric. This is a fantastic movie even for a day when Valentine’s Day sex isn’t on the menu. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

Angelina Jolie as Gia

Number 5 for erotic films is Gia

Angelina Jolie is hot now, but when she did this movie, she was as ripe as a peach in late summer. This erotic girl on girl bio-pic about 1980′s supermodel Gia Carangi is filled with lusty lesbian scenes and also shows the more shocking side of modeling, addiction and HIV. A movie not to be missed and guaranteed to get you some hot (and safe sex) action on Valentine’s Day.

Stay safe out there today and remember, use condoms and have fun!