Safe sex has never been this convenient. Now there is a sex shop in Brooklyn New York that will deliver not only deliver condoms but also sex toys, by bicycle! It’s a new take on one of New York’s most cherished classics: bike delivery service.  For more on this exciting new safe (and earth friendly) method of getting condoms, read more after the photo.


How does this condom and sex toy delivery work?

So far there’s only one sex shot on Brooklyn that has it, the delightfully named “Babeland”.  Customers look online at the different toys, condoms and lube for sale on the website, call in the order (by credit card) and then pay the $30 delivery fee (deliveries are free on Valentines day). The bicycle delivery person ring the buzzer, when it’s answered, they simply leave a discreet box at the door for the horny and safe sex oriented patron to pick up.

A fantastic idea and hopefully one that will catch on in other cities or with other sex shops! This is definitely erotic news I can get behind!