Great news from the teens of California. There’s now a program that is giving them access to free condoms, online and without judgement. There is some backlash about this new sexual health conscious move that the California government has decided to do, but the people who are rearing up about this smart move are most likely also the type of people who think that babies are delivered by pelicans.


How well will a free condom give out for teens work?

The program, run out of the website is sending condoms, lube and an educational pamphlet to the teens home. They also provide information about safe sex directly on their website. When a teen is asking for condoms, getting free information about safe sex and having a safe sex pamphlet sent with their condoms…how well do you think this teenage pregnancy and STD prevention tactics will work? Very well, would be my personal vote.

Considering the track record for abstinence education and the fact that teenagers have been having sex since the dawn of time, maybe we should stop sticking our heads in the sand and start helping them out a little. After all, what’s worse to the Religious Right, condoms, or abortions?