This actually sounds like a great idea, if done properly. A university in Shippensburg Pennsylvania has a Morning After Pill vending machine. Right now it’s in the student health center, which helps with making sure that the person taking the pill is taking it correctly.


How the morning after pill works

The morning after pill is an emergency contraceptive pill, is not intended for frequent use (hence the emergency contraceptive). However, when you’re in a pinch, this pill can be of great help.  The pill is composed of drugs intended to disrupt ovulation or fertilization, which are steps necessary for pregnancy. The pill is around 80% effective when taken within 12 hours of sex and is still effective up to 72 hours, but the longer a person waits, the less effective it is. Hopefully sex education in America is explaining this sort of thing to students.

Morning after pill vending machine: The good

The reason a morning after pill bending machine is a good idea is obviously because of the convenience of it. If you’re a university student who’s had unprotected sex, or the condom broke, or was even raped and you don’t have a ride to a drug store, then having quick access to the morning after pill is a great thing.

Morning after pill vending machine: The bad

Although the morning after pill is provided without a prescription, it is kept behind the counter. The reason? You do need to take it correctly and hear about the side effects. Talking to a pharmacist or a sexual health nurse (like myself) helps with getting the correct dose and making sure the risks are minimized.

The FDA is currently collecting data and talking to the University officials to see if anything needs to be done. Personally, as long as it’s in a regulated area where health officials are there to council people taking the pill, it seems like a pretty good idea.