Stand up tall erotic news readers, it’s time for your sex position of the week. This week we’re tackling standing sex. So get upright and get down and dirty for this red hot sex position.

First off, stand up.

For this sex position, things have to be working at full capacity. Get your partner’s…unit to stand at attention and then, depending where you are, slide off your panties, move then to the side, pull down his boxers or just slip his dick out of his pants (holy hot!).

Find a wall to lean against…

Find a strong wall and the lady should lean into it. You should be good and wet, if you’re not, get your partner to help you out! Cunnilingus a good fingering should help things out. Now raise your leg and have him hold it. With a slow pace, get that dick inched inside.

A wall is great because you can lean and he can push without having to worry about knocking you off balance. If there is a big height difference, wear high heels, or…take them off. Just remember to use protection and have fun!