Love is in the air and all adult friends are coming together, hopefully soon they can start cumming together as well. Today, on Erotic News, our sex position is the romantic and highly stimulating “spooning sex” . Read on for all the dirty details about this loving and lazy second cousin to doggy style.

spooning couples

Spooning sex 101

As the photo above shows, spooning sex happens when both partners lie on the same side. It’s a great sex position when you’re horny, but feeling a bit lazy, as all the effort needed is two pelvises gyrating and some finger rubbing for clitoral stimulation.

Here’s what’s so great about this position:

  1. You can do it when you’re tired and want to split the energy equally between both adult friends.
  2. You can still kiss and hug, which feels romantic.
  3. The woman’s butt and breasts are in a great position to be felt while sex is taking place.
  4. The position is great for stimulating the clitoris, which helps aid in a women achieving an orgasm.
  5. It’s easy to move from vaginal sex, to anal (if so desired).

 How it works:

After proper foreplay, both partners lie on their sides and his penis is slipped in between her legs, she can lift one leg and rest it on his hip, which also leaves her wide open for some fingers to go between her legs. Next, after rubbing and teasing and making sure that everyone is properly turned on, easing into penetrative intercourse should be no problem. This is the kind of position which is fantastic for having slow sex. Just gyrate your hips and touch that clit and after a while, orgasms for all parties involved have a great chance of happening.

*Bonus sex tip* If you like, add a vibrator into the mix for an even more explosive and sensual Valentine’s Day.

Have fun out there and remember to use condoms!