Want to know how to promote safe sex amongst teenagers? Get the world’s hottest young actor to accidentally drop a condom at a movie premiere. No, it’s not a new commercial for Magnum condoms, but it could be. After all, what’s better than having a gorgeous young celebrity being seen with your condoms in his pocket?


Zac Efron continues to promote good values!

Take that abstinence only education! Zac Efron is showing you all how it’s done. Considering what an endorsement from Oprah can do for a badly written book, we’re pretty sure that sales for the Magnum brand condom that Zac Efron dropped at the Lorax movie premiere.

To see the video of his dropping the condom click here.

Why is this sexual health news? Quite simply because this is one celebrity sex scandal that we can get behind! I propose that celebrities start tossing condoms to fans in the stands! Give them out in the gift bags at the Oscars. It’s time that actors and the famous people around the world start to promote more than terrible perfume and badly made clothing.

Considering that L.A. recently made condoms use law in porn, seeing non-adult actors using condoms is yet another positive influence for safe sex.

Three cheers for Zac Efron! We hope to see his face (or something else) on a condom soon.