Sexual health is going mobile! A brilliant and low cost smartphone app for exchanging the most recent STD test scores with your potential new adult friend will hit the market later this month for iPhone and Android phones. Read on and see how this new “Check-Mate” app works.


How “Check-Mate” STD test exchange works.


The “Check-Mate” smartphone application allows users to share sexually transmitted infection screening results fast by  activating the app and “bumping” each other’s phone against one another. After tapping phones, a screen pops up showing the latest STD screening results for each user.

The cost? $1.99. So less than the cocktail that you’re considering buying for that hottie  making eyes at you from across the bar.


The idea behind the STD test exchange app.


The app was created by STFree Certifications, a company that was founded  in 2004 by Eli Darcy (an entrepreneur and philanthropist). Darcy wanted to promote sexual responsibility and the importance of getting tested regularly for sexually transmitted diseases.

One of the main goals behind the app is not only to encourage people to get tested, but to start a dialogue about sexual health and assuming personal responsibility. Darcy explained that since a lot of times people avoid bringing up a conversation about STDs with a new partner even though it’s a valid concern for both parties.

“It’s a good way to get that conversation started,” Darcy said. “The Check-Mate app is a really balanced way of bringing up the subject.”

After downloading the app and setting up an account, users are sent a confirmation email along with a Screening Verification Form. The user can use the app to locate an authorized screening facility, make an appointment, get tested and then turn in the SVF form.


Knowing someone’s last test results is not a free pass to have unprotected sex.



As a nurse working at a sexual health clinic, I’m a BIG fan of this app. However, this is not a free pass to forgo condoms. As the creators of the app themselves have stated, this is more to create a dialogue about getting tested.

Either way, a phone application where you can see a person’s latest STD test results it a great idea!