A sew sexual health fertility study has come out of Canada with some very interesting finding. It turns out that women’s bodies are giving them inspiration to have more erotic fantasies during ovulation every month.How many sexual fantasies do women have when ovulating? Read on and find out.



A team led by Samantha Dawson from the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada, set out to find out how a woman’s hormones affected their sexual interests.

Researchers discovered that single women have more erotic fantasies on average during the most fertile part of their menstrual cycles compared to the rest of the month. They also saw a shift in their daydreams to include a higher proportion of men at this time and reported feeling more aroused as well. This would suggest they were influenced by primal physical desires to find a mate.


Emotional connection is a highly important part of erotic fantasies during ovulation.


The women were also more likely to focus on the emotional content of their fantasy during their fertile period rather than the visual, which is seen as more of a male characteristic.

Research team leader Dawson said:

‘I believe that when conception risk is highest (ovulation) women would want to secure a potential partner whom they are connected to emotionally, in case a pregnancy results from any interaction during this phase.”


Make quite a bit of sense, from a reproductive standpoint and when looking for a stable person to raise a child with.  This study is yet another good look into how hormones effect female behaviour.