Oral sex; even the phrase makes it sound like a test or an exam. Performing oral sex on a woman can be a daunting endeavor for anyone, especially the first time. Don’t worry, we’ll help you pass the oral sex exam with flying colors, just read on and find the straightforward sex advice you’ve been looking for.




Men and women are alike in a lot of areas, but sex is not one of them. A woman needs to be warmed up properly in order for her to climax or even have a good time in bed. How do you do that? Two words…


Go Slow.


Make sure she’s comfortable with oral sex, tell her you’d like to go down on her and see what she says. If she gives you the go ahead, slowly start making your way down there. Kiss her navel, her inner thighs, her labia (the outer lips) lick your fingers and touch her (make sure your nails are cut short and filed) very softly between her legs. The more you tease, the less work you’ll have to do when you’re actually giving oral.


Focus on the clitoris, not the crevasse!




A common mistake men (and women) make when going down on a woman is focussing on her vaginal canal. This isn’t actually where orgasms happen. Go above her opening and there will be a small raised area that has a roundish mound inside. This is what you want to lock onto. Begin to lightly lick the area, going gently. Check in with her, is her breathing increasing? Is she moaning? Listen to her body, try flicking your tongue a little more vigorously across her clitoris and see how her body responds.

Finding the elusive G-spot


If she’s becoming more lubricated and things are getting slippery, you can wet a finger and insert it into her vagina. Guide it in with the curve of her body and then make a “come here” movement with your finger, this should have your finger rubbing on the inside right where your tongue is licking and flicking on the outside.

Her g-spot should feel less smooth than the rest of her vagina, a bit more textured. Some women like having their g-spots rubbed, others don’t, so when you do this, ask her point blank if she likes it. If she does, continue gently rubbing her g-spot and flick her clit with your tongue. Increase and slow down speed, checking in with how her body is responding. Eventually she may orgasm, or she may ask for some vaginal sex. Either way, you’re a winner!

*Bonus tip* If you really want to impress your adult friend, you can do the above, but stop when you’re feeling a bit tongue sore and have penetrative sex for a minute or two then switch back to oral sex. Switch back and forth a couple of times and her chances of having a mind blowing orgasm will skyrocket!

Remember, with all sex acts comes a risk. Make sure you know your sexual partners history or take proper measures to prevent contractive STD’s suck as condoms and dental dams (specifically made for oral sex). Have fun and be safe!