At Erotic News, we like to share not only news, but erotic advice. Today, we’re going to share some great sex tips for talking dirty to your adult friend. What’s so great about talking sexy to your lover? Lots of reasons! It’s a type of erotic foreplay that you can do when you’re not even in the same room, it boosts self esteem and sexual energy between lovers and…it’s just a little bit kinky! So read on and get that inside edge on whispering sweet and naughty nothings in your lovers ear with sexy confidence.

talking dirty

Dirty talk done right

Ok folks, it’s time to start talking dirty to your little slut. Wait! Is saying slut ok? It depends on the individual. When it comes to dirty talk, anything is fair game, as long as your adult friend wants you to say it. How do you know what your lover wants to hear? Draw it out of them and draw them in with your sexy talk.

  •  Start the sexy talk before you even see your partner. Call them up, tell them you can’t wait to see them. Say a few of the things you love about their body or the way they touch you.
  • Getting into the mood. When your romantic partner comes over, kiss them on the mouth, neck, ear, then start whispering how hot they make you, how much you love slowly taking off their clothes, as you’re saying this, you can be unhooking her bra, or taking off his shirt.
  • How to find out what they like to be called. When you want to know what turns your adult friend on, simply ask “what are you?”. They may say “I’m your sex slave” or “I’m your dirty slut” or even “I’m your teacher and you’re my student”. Whatever they say, go with it.
  • Describe the actions, but make sure the focus is on them. When you’re getting ready for sex, no matter what sex position you’re in, you can whisper the actions in their ear in a way that’s sexy, not narrative. See the below as an example.

“I love it when you stick your hot ass up in the air and let me slide my dick into your hot, wet pussy. Your hips feel so good in my hands.”

“Your dick is so big and hard, I love how it fills me completely. There’s nothing I like more than being your dirty little slut and taking your thick cock into my mouth until you explode.”

When it doubt with using words that could be insulting to your partner, leave them out unless they suggest them first. Telling your adult friend how hot they make you feel is always a good play when it comes to to dirty talk.

Have fun and play safe in your sex life!