The herb Maca, (generally sold in powder form) which is grown in South America has been slowly gaining momentum and respect for it’s aphrodisiac properties. The buzz is continuing to grow amongst studies that show that even menopausal women and people on SSRI’s (anti-depressants) are finding an increase in libido after taking this special, highly healthy herb.


What does Maca do to a person’s sexual health?


Maca (Lepidium mayenii) is only grows high in the Andes mountains in Peru and is often sold in powder for to those outside of South America.

Here are a few sexual health benefits that have been associated with Maca.

  • It enhances both male and female libido.
  • It enhances male sexual desire without affecting male sex hormone levels.
  • Relieves some post-menopausal symptoms with no apparent negative side effects.
  • Improves seminal volume, sperm motility and sperm count.
  • increases libido even in women taking SSRIs.


The studies that back up the sexual health claims of “Peruvian ginseng”.


There actually has been numerous studies on Maca, one of the most encouraging thing all of these studies show is that there are basically no real side effects.

Study one:

A 2008 study published in the medical journal Menopause tested 14 post-menopausal women to determine if maca had any effect on depression, anxiety, and sexual dysfunction.  The women were either put on 3.5 g of maca powder or a placebo for six weeks or a placebo.
Blood samples were drawn to test female sex hormone levels and menopausal symptoms were evaluated. The test revealed a significant reduction in depression, anxiety, and sexual dysfunction without any negative effect on female sex hormones when the women took maca powder.

Study two:

Also in 2008 CNS Neuroscience and Therapeutics published a study targeting women who were experiencing sexual dysfunction due to SSRI antidepressants (a common side effect). Twenty patients, including seventeen women who were on SSRI medication for depression, were given either 1500mg or 3000mg maca.

The patients were then given questionnaires to measure sexual dysfunction. The patients taking 3000mg maca daily reported a significant reduction in sexual dysfunction, while those on 1500mg did not. In addition, the patients taking 3000mg maca every day also reported a significant increase in sexual libido.

Study three:

n 2001, the Asian Journal of Andrology published a study indicating that in men, maca improved seminal volume, sperm motility and sperm count. For the study, nine men in their 20‘s-40’s took either 1500mg or 3000mg maca for about four months. Sexual hormone levels as well as semen and sperm levels were tested. Researchers found use of maca did not affect male sexual hormone levels, but definitely improved sperm count and motility.

Maca does seem to be an aphrodisiac…




Considering the above studies, Maca does seem to have a positive effect on both male and female libidos. That being said, always check with your doctor before trying new suppluments. Also, remember that exercising also can have a hugely positive effect on your sex life.

Of course, whenever sex is concerned, always remember to use condoms!