The day when men can take a pill and not worry about impregnating their adult friends may be getting closer, according to new studies. For all of you waiting for the male contraceptive pill, you may want to give this article a read, it’s full of hope and exciting sexual health news!


How with the male contraceptive pill work?

Joseph Tash, a reproductive biologist at KU, has spent a decade tinkering with a chemical compound called H2-gamendazole that keeps sperm from developing in the testes. Men taking a gamendazole “pill” would essentially be shooting blanks.

The expectation is that men on the KU pill would experience no change in their libido and, if they stopped taking it, would regain full fertility within a few weeks. Tash’s work is part of a promising array of new birth control methods for men that are under development in laboratories or already being tested on volunteers. These contraceptives are arriving more than 50 years after the female birth control pill revolutionized relations between the sexes and gave women greater control over their lives.

Outdated attitudes that birth control was a woman work, along with the technical challenges — women release just one egg per month, but men produce 1,000 sperm per second — have slowed development of new male contraceptives. But recent investments in research appear to be paying off.

According to the top researchers, they now have enough evidence to go to the FDA!

Seeing as there have been no side effects and this medication is entirely reversible, this pill may soon get the FDA’s stamp of approval. Since the FDA seems to work at the speed of a slug drunk on vodka, this still could take years before it comes out on the market. Even so, it’s a step in the right direct.

The pill is good for a stable monogamous relationship but…

When in doubt, condoms are always the most effective form of birth control and STD prevention. Unless you fully trust your partner, male or female, I still recommend using condoms and the pill together and my recommendation will stay the same when the male contraceptive pill hits the market.