It’s that time of the week again folks! Get out your learning caps and start boning up on your sex position know how with our sex position of the week. This week it’s the missionary position, thank God! This is one sex position that basically everyone can get behind (or above). Read on and see why this is still the most common sex position around.


Want to know how to get down missionary sex style?

Besides looking at the image above, here are a few pointers to getting this sex position right. First of all, missionary is a position best served hot, so make sure to give ample foreplay. What do I mean by foreplay? Oral sex for both adult friends. Also, if added lube is needed, put some in both the vagina and the penis. This sex position is an easy one for keeping the condom on since the guy can hold it at the base of his penis while he thrusts into his adult friend.

Getting into the missionary position


To get into the missionary position, the woman goes on her back and spreads her legs. Next the man gets on top and rests his arms on either side of her body and slowly slides his penis into her vagina. This is a great position for when a woman is a little tired as most of the exertion is from the person on top. That being said, the person on the bottom can grid their hips and meet the thrusts of their lover from above. If you use the pull out method, this position is great for pulling out and then finishing on the chest, belly or neck.

*Bonus tip* You can make this position even hotter by placing pillows under the hips of the person on the bottom and get a deeper penetration.