It’s sex position of the week time! This week we have some hills and valleys for you to explore in mountain top sex. When you’re looking to get a few extra kicks in the bedroom, mountain top sex is the way to go. So read on and discover all the erotic joys you can get with this new sexual position.



How to have mountain top sex.


Mountain top sex is a very intimate and advanced sex position, but it can be worth it. You and your adult friend will face each other the entire time, kissing is easy and there is tons of space for touching each others bodies all over! First off, as always, get some good foreplay going! Sharing oral sex with each other will help both of you to become ready for penetrative sex (if you decide that’s necessary).


Teasing is pleasing!




One of the most under rated parts of sex is the teasing. Rubbing your bodies together, not knowing how far things are going to go, getting so turned on that you’re practically begging for what you want! This sex position gives you that.

After you’re both erotically aroused and protection has been taken,  sit on the bed or soft carpet facing each other with your feet on the floor and knees pointing upward. Now, slowly inch toward each other. You can rub your genitals together and keep it there if you want, or play “just the tip” as in inching a cock in and out of the erotic orifice of your choice, going deeper and shallower as needed and desired.

*Bonus tip*

Each of you can take turns, if your backs are in good health, and arch backward while your adult friend runs their their hands from your neck to your sex organs, rubbing as you go. The feeling of a hand sliding so far will send shivers down your spine and inside your pelvis!

Have fun and as always, please use condoms!