It sex position of the week time here at Erotic News! Are your grandparents trying to push that old rocking chair on you? Take it! We can show you how to put it to good use with this kinky sex position, rocking chair sex.


The rocking chair sex position…rocks!


Does a rocking chair sex position sound boring to you? Forget what you think you know about these wooden reclining seats! Although rocking chairs are usually associated with old ladies drinking tea and talking about those rotten kids that keep walking on their lawn, rocking chair can have a far sexier association, if you use them to your own benefit.


Here’s how to do rocking chair sex right.


First off, you should have a rocking chair, or a porch swing will do in a crunch (although make sure the porch is shielded from view (unless you want some nosy neighbor bickering about you with her old lady friends). Now, as always, foreplay is a must, especially with a more advanced sex position. Give and receive from your adult friend ample oral sex and stimulation for as long as is needed (take your time, sexy should be a marathon, not a race!).


Now, the penetrating partner should sit on the rocking chair, feet placed firmly on the ground and the other adult friend should, facing away from them and almost like “riding horsey” sit on their partner’s lap (and penis).  Then, let the rocking commence!

What’s really great about this pose is it give lots of space for reach around stimulation for the top partner and it can bring a real playfulness into sex!




*Added bonus* If you want to up the ante on this sex move, have the riding adult friend lie down on the seated lover’s knees, this makes it more like doggy style in a chair!


Be safe and have fun with this our erotic sex position of the week!


Always remember to use condoms when having sex in this and any sex position.