The Southern States have gotten a wake up call with a recently released study showing that young people living in the South have the worst sexual health in all America. Although this is obviously a bad thing, it also opens the door to getting assistance for sexual health programs and better sex education.


The sexual health study on the South’s STD’s.


The sex study, done by Auburn University at Montgomery’s Center for Demographic Research, is called  ”Sexual Health of Young People in the U.S. South: Challenges and Opportunities.” It took a strong look at the sexual health statistics of youth in 10 Southern states (including Alabama). The study found that Southerners had a higher teenage birth rate and higher incidences of chlamydia and gonorrhea in teenagers compared to the other three U.S. regions.


The good news about the South having a reputation of bad sexual health.


According to Yanyi Djamba, the study’s lead investigator and director of the AUM Center for Demographic Research.

“Many Southern states have already begun to implement sexual health education programs that cover a variety of topics. This change can save lives and reduce the economic burdens of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS.”

Unfortunately, although Southerners aren’t opposed to sex education, because of the abstinence education debates as of late, many parents still prefer the ineffective abstinence education over the  far more effective sex education programs that the rest of  first world countries have.

Researcher Yanyi Djamba said Alabama is one of the few Southern states that do not mandate the teaching of medically-accurate, age-appropriate sex education, but he said it is “encouraging” that the state does not prohibit it.

So the Southern states that are using abstinence education also have the worst sexual health amongst it’s youth? Yet another reason to mandate medically accurate sex education.