Great news for the fight against AIDS! A Washington, DC female condom distribution program which began two years ago has brought in fantastic results. In it’s first year the program saved over 8 million dollars in future medical costs (and that number is with the cost of the condom program removed). For every dollar spent of the program, there was a saving of nearly $20 in prevented medical expenses! That’s huge!




Why Washington, DC was the perfect place to test out the female condom…

A little known fact about our nation’s capitol is that it has the highest amount of AIDS infections in any city in America. Over 3 percent of Washington residents are infeected with HIV or AIDS.

Who is getting infected? It’s actually African American heterosexuals, according to a study done by the DC department of health. Unfortunately, there is a false assumption that heterosexuals can’t catch HIV and so men often refuse to use condoms.


Female condom distribution: Giving women the power to protect themselves from HIV.


Government officials helping with girl power? Heck yeah! That sounds good. By giving away 200,000 female condoms at beauty salons, convenience stores, community clinics and other locations the districted hoped to give women more control over condom use. Over the course of two years, half a million have been distributed. There was also peer training, including hairstylists at beauty salons, to make it more comfortable for women to talk about sexual health.


Female condom distribution deemed a success!


“We found the D.C. program was practical and doable,” said David Holtgrave, a co-author and chairman of the Department of Health Behavior and Society at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The training increased acceptance among women, and surprisingly, some men.

“When we think about what it means for a city or state to have a comprehensive HIV program, this study really says you ought to include female condoms as one element of a comprehensive program because it’s acceptable, effective and cost-saving,” Holtgrave said.

What a great success story! Hopefully this program will spread to other states. The female condom is really a great option for women who have boyfriends that don’t like condoms.

It’s also a great option for people with penises too large for traditional condoms. To learn how to put on a female condoms, check out this great female condom video.

Remember to have fun and play safe with condoms of every variety!