It’s serious news here at Erotic News. The government is trying to take away women’s sexual rights with a new Florida Senate Bill named Bill 290. This is a disgusting bill with so much  anti-feminist legislature that I can almost feel the female circumcision. Read on and be informed about the rights that American government is trying to take away from women in Florida.


Senate Bill 290 is being heard in Florida, a place where much of the population is past chid birthing age and on the way to the grave, basically a perfect place for a nasty bill like this to slip through the cracks. Don’t worry though, we’ve got all the details on this anti erotic news.

The detail of the anti feminist Senate Bill 290

Senate Bill 290 interferes with women and their doctors by requiring that, first, health centers that perform abortions must be wholly owned and operated by a physician who met expensive required ethics trainings. The bill would also require women to make unnecessary extra visits to their doctor and miss work, school, etc. because of a 24-hour waiting period to have an abortion.
It’s my opinion as a nurse who actually works in a sexual health clinic, that there is no real medical reason that health centers must be “wholly owned and operated” by a physician. In fact, the sole goal of SB 290 is to interfere with a private personal decision between a woman and her doctor and make it a political and moral issue.

Doctors under attack for performing abortions

SB 290’s main targets are doctors who perform abortions. The bill is a big detriment to life-saving, not-for-profit organizations such as Planned Parenthood and would make it very hard for more centers to open their doors to the public.
When people hear the word Planned Parenthood, they immediately think of the word “abortion,” when in reality PP does birth control, STI and STD testing, breast and cervical cancer screenings, adoption and HIV care, only 3 percent of what PP does is abortions. What PP does is simply help to plan for parenthood. You know, like women taking charge of their bodies and their reproductive health? Nurses and doctors help teens get valuable information that they’re too afraid to ask their friends or family about.

The hypocrisy of bills like this are crystal clear. The best way to prevent unintended pregnancies is to promote birth control. Making women wait for a day delays things and makes the abortion more risky. Not only that but it insinuates that a woman doesn’t know her mind and that she should be forced to consider things more (even though most women, but the time they have made it to the clinic, have thought long and hard about their decision to abort).

Please leave your comments below and try contacting your local congressman to voice your concerns over this destructive bill.