It’s national STD awareness month! What does that mean? Well, for starters, many different health organizations are trying to get people to start talking about STD testing and prevention. Even better is the free STD tests that many foundations are giving away this month! For more on that, keep reading!


For STD awareness month we’re finding you free STD tests!


In honor of STD awareness monthThe Centers for Disease Control and a number of sexual health organizations are offering resources for educators, parents, and young people at the CDC’s STD Awareness Resource Site.

Now might also be a good time to check out our article on the STD test exchange smart phone application (a great app for getting information from any potential new adult friend).

Scary STD statistics.


According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, “1 in 2 sexually active young people will get a sexually transmitted disease by the age of 25. Most won’t know it.” A related and equally chilling stat cited in the GYT campaign materials: 1 in 5 people living with HIV in the U.S. doesn’t know it.

The CDC is also linking to and, other tools for finding STD testing centers, and recommends that everyone get tested for HIV once a year.

So…when’s the last time you were tested for an STD?