Cheerleaders are known for their spunky attitudes and super tight bodies, so from time to time they do get into trouble in the romance department. A Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader has upped her game though and may be going to jail for having sex with a minor while she was his teacher at a school in Ohio!


Three cheers for cheerleaders held accountable for their actions!


Sarah Jones, the Bengals cheerleader in question now faces prison time after being indicted by a grand jury Thursday for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a teenage student while teaching at an Ohio high school. At the time she was 26 years old and was teaching grade 9 (she resigned last November).

The Kenton County grand jury in Covington (near Cincinnati), indicted Sarah Jones on first-degree sexual abuse and unlawful use of electronic means to induce a minor to engage in sexual acts. If Jones is found guilty she could get up to 10 years for trying to give her student a XXX sex education.


This is not the first time Sarah Jones has been in the news.


The attractive cheerleader appeared on a number of national TV shows in 2009 after she stated a legal campaign attacking the website The, because they had posted pictures of her with comments saying she had had sex with Bengals players and had two sexually transmitted infections.


Is the cheerleader guilty?

Until Jones is in jail, no one can say whether or not she really has perpetrated any crime. That being said, her mother is being charged with tampering with evidence, which doesn’t exactly make her look innocent. As well, most people, especially in their early teens do not want to have to go through a courtroom ordeal, so very few would lie about sexual abuse. Hopefully justice will prevail.