Let the jokes begin…A male doctor has officially found the g-spot! Dr. Adam Ostrzenski, a Florida gynecologist confirmed that he had found it in an article published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Where the heck is the elusive g-spot? Keep reading and find out!



How the g-spot was found.

Dr. Ostrzenski didn’t find the g-spot in the most erotic manner possible. He conducted a postmortem examination of an 83-year-old female cadaver in Warsaw Medical University’s Department of Forensic Medicine. Poland (unlike America) allows the dissection of human remains soon after death, when fine distinctions in tissue remain easy to see.

While looking around at the different layers in the vagina, Oztrzenski found small, grape-like clusters of erectile tissue in a sac less than 1 centimeter across  ”a deep, deep structure” nestled between the vaginal wall’s fifth layer, the endopelvic fascia, and its sixth, the dorsal perineal membrane.


This g-spot discover could rewrite female anatomy books!


If confirmed by further investigation, Dr. Oztrzenski said, he hopes his finding will help rewrite female anatomy books.

Dr. Irwin Goldstein, editor of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, said he’s not sure what the fuss is about (he’s obviously saying that because…1. he’s gay, 2. he doesn’t care about his woman’s pleasure or 3. because he’s a guy). Despite its name, the G spot “certainly doesn’t have a flag on it, like X-marks-the-spot,” he said.


A brief  history of the G-spot.

German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg first found the G spot in 1950 but back then they thought it was just another part of female urological anatomy.

The pleasures of the g-spot gave been talk about as far back as the third century, when a medical text reported the swelling of the anterior vaginal wall during sexual arousal.

The existence of at least one distinct G spot inside the vagina has gained growing scientific credence in recent years. In 2004, a team of researchers demonstrated that electrostimulation to the front vaginal wall near the bladder caused swelling that enhanced sexual arousal.

Yet another great sexual health discovery! FYI, there is far more to a woman’s sexual arousal than just her g-spot. Check out this recent article on how to give oral sex and stimulate the g-spot properly.