A new Facebook game called “Man Up” has been created to remind gay guys of the importance of regular screening for sexually transmitted infections and at a first glance this seems like a great idea, but is this game actually perpetuating the belief that gay men are promiscuous? Keep reading and find out.




How Facebook’s STD awareness app. for gay men “Man Up” works.


The Facebook app “Man Up,” has players trying to hop between rainbow colored beds without being pushed off by a “love bug.” The higher a player manages to jump, the more points they get. The points however, can only be banked by a visit to the “floating clinic”. Creators hope to promote the idea that the more adult friends you have, the more often you should get checked for STD’s and STI’s.

Why is there no “Man Up” for this guy?




“Man Up” sounds like a great idea but…why isn’t there a heterosexual version? Why is this ONLY for gay men? Sure, this app was most likely created with very good intentions but personally I think this is perpetuating the myth that only gay men get HIV and that all gay men are promiscuous. A “Woman Up” app would also be useful and would help to lower the slut shaming culture.

It’s interesting to note that anyone is able at this time to use the “Man Up” app on Facebook. My advice would be to use the app whether you’re a gay man, lesbian or a straight grandmother living in Florida (after all, seniors citizens STD rates are skyrocketing).

Remember, EVERYONE needs to get STD screening whenever they have sex with a new partner. Nobody is immune to getting an STD. Please, always play it safe and use condoms.