Three cheers for lesbian porn and the continuing good it does to women the world over! Happy and generous news has hit the internet this morning! A lesbian erotic (porn) film company by the name of Girlfriend Films has committed to a monthly $1000 donation to the Alan Guttmacher Institute because of its “contribution to reproductive and sexual health.”



Girlfriends films is giving back to girls!


Girlfriends Films, which describes itself as “the world’s finest and largest library of lesbian sex videos,” selected Guttmacher as the recipient for its monthly charity contribution. Past recipients have included Lambda Legal, Planned Parenthood, Cancer Research Institute and National Public Radio.

The Guttmacher Institute provides research and analysis of issues related to abortion, reproductive and sexual health. Formerly within the “corporate structure” of Planned Parenthood, Guttmacher now operates as an independent organization.

If only all erotic film companies could be as responsible as this one. Go girlfriends!