It’s that time of the week again! Bring out your adventurous side and try out a new sex position with our new sex position of the week: Legs over the head sex! It’s sexy, it’s visual and it really gets couples and adult friends really  going! Keep reading and get it on, with your legs in the air!




Is the legs in the air sex position a good fit for you and your adult friend?


Some sex positions require a higher fitness level than others. The legs in the air sex position is one of those. For the top partner, there isn’t much more to this position than any other active sex position. For the partner with the legs in the air, there are a few things you should consider.

If you have lower back issues, you may want to avoid this position. Also, if you have very tight hamstrings, you won’t be able to stick your legs straight in the air, if  things aren’t too bad this can be managed just by bending your knees over the shoulder of your adult friend. If these areas of concern do not apply to you, keep reading!


 How to do the legs in the air sex position.




As with all sex, foreplay is an important part of getting the body properly warmed up. With a position like this, it’s even more vital. Why? With this position, the penis can go very deep inside of a partner. A woman’s vaginal canal actually deepens, the more turned on she is, if she’s not sufficiently aroused before having sex in this position, the penis will hit her cervix, which is VERY painful. So get down and have a lot of oral sex.

After you and your adult friend are properly aroused, make sure a condom is put on. The female partner (or bottom partner) lays on her back while the male (or top) raises her legs and either rests her feet on his shoulders or simply holds them in the air. The slowly ease in the penis. Go slow and gently with the thrusting at first, to make sure that the cervix is not being hit.

The depth of penetration is a wonderful feeling for both partners when fully aroused and for those who like to play with submission and dominance in their adult relationships will enjoy the full control the top has.

*Bonus tip* Place your finger on your adult friend’s clitoris while inside and then cross her legs, this will put deep pressure on her most erotic zone while the crossed legs will make things feel tighter inside for you.

Have fun and remember…use condoms!