It’s that time of the week again folks! Sex position of the week time. This week, it’s time to get out the Tina Turner songs and put on your sexy clothes because you’re going to learn how to give great lap dance sex. Keep reading and learn how to bring the zing back into your romantic life!



How to give an erotic lap dance.


Although lap dances have a reputation as something that only happen in adult clubs where money exchanges hands and glitter gets on clothing, this isn’t always the case.

The lap dance sex position puts you in control and can bring sexual tension back into a relationship.You can pump up the romantic volume at home and all you need is a chair or couch, lingerie and an adult friend (and, of course a condom!).

Got it all? Ok, now, get that sexy friend and have them sit in a chair, t ell them to keep their hands to themselves until you say it’s ok. Put on your hot lingerie and toss a long jacket, a house coat or anything that you can take off fast, over top, high heels are also fun to put on…and leave on.


Pump up the volume on your erotic life!




Turn on a song that makes you want to dane and feel sexy, one of my favorites is Nine Inch Nail’s “Closer”. Now walk up to your adult friend and start dancing around them, rubbing against them and teasing them by showing your naked thigh from behind the coverup you’re wearing.

Peel off your coverup and straddle their lap. Rub yourself against them, if they try to touch you, move their hand to their sides. Wrap your legs around them and arm back. Take off your lingerie sexily, touch yourself so that they can see. Now, unzip their pants and start rubbing them…now you can allow them to touch you!




This sex position lends itself to hot, fast sex. So get it on! Grab that condom and dance on that lap! As you can see from the image above, there are a few variations on how you’d like to have sex in  this position. Choose what’s good for you.


*Bonus tip* Keep a sex toy beside the chair and tell your adult friend that they can only touch you with that! Talk about an erotic experience!


As always, use protection and have fun!