It’s that time of the week again! This week on Erotic News, we’re going to be taking sex positions to new heights with….the dirt road, otherwise known as anal sex. This is a very important sex position/act to do right. When it’s done correctly, it can be one of the hottest positions ever, when done incorrectly, it can be downright dangerous. Read on and get expert advice on how to enjoy anal sex safely and fully!




Take the road less travelled: Try anal!


Anal sex gets a very bad rep for not a very good reason. Just like you wouldn’t expect someone to try driving a car without first reading a few books and having a few practice runs, people shouldn’t expect to go all the way with anal with no previous knowledge.


Practice makes perfect when learning to drive down the dirt road.


First off, anal is best practiced with an adult friend or long term romantic partner that you know and trust. This is for a few different reasons, not the least of which is that you’re going to want to have a few practice runs before going all the ways with anal.

When you are having sex doggy style, start sticking a finger in your partner’s anus so that they get used to feeling something up there when they’re turned on. You can so do this while performing oral sex (although once you have put a finger in the rectum, do not insert it into the vagina as this will cause an infection). The closer to climax your partner is, the better the time it is to play with their anus, since that way they’ll really start associating this with positive sexual behavior.

You can also bring out sexy toys and play with those in the anus as well. Just make sure to go at your partners pace, since you want them to be very comfortable before going for full penetrative anal.

Anal sex and condoms.


You should also always use a condom, for more reasons than one. Anal sex is considered the sex act with the highest risk of passing an STD so that is one reason to use condoms, but another is the clean up factor.

It’s a lot easier to take off a condom and wash your hands than it is to wash off your actual penis (or dildo). Sometimes you can get what’s know as a “steamer”, where a bit of fecal matter can come out and it’s much nicer to have that on a condom than bare flesh.


Going for full penetration!


To prepare for the big even, have the person being penetrated do an enema earlier on in the day (at least 5 hours before) so that things are nice and clean up there. Make sure to have good quality lube, silicone based ones work better than water but one water based lubricant that is popular for anal sex is Maximus. What ever you do, don’t use oil based lubes since they break down condoms.

Now that you’re set up, it’s time for foreplay! Have…lots of it, oral sex, kissing, touching, get your partner really excited. Then, put a good amount (at least one big table spoon) of lube on your condom covered member and the same amount in and around the opening of your partner’s anus.

The spooning sex position is a great position for anal as it’s side by side and both partners have control over the depth of penetration.




It’s a good idea to finger them as you put the lube in, that way they are already used to something inside. Then, slowly, ease into the dirt road! It should feel fantastically tight. Check in with your partner, make sure they are enjoying things.

*Bonus Tip* With side by side sex, you can wrap your hand around and pleasure your partner while you’re having anal sex. Just remember to listen to them, if they need you to go slower, or faster, oblige.


Have fun out there and remember to always practice safe sex!