No real surprise here, but it’s good to have validation on what most of us already assumed anyway. According to a recent study done by the CDC, the states that have abstinence only education or are simply very religious, have the most cases of teen pregnancy.



So…how are the religious states doing with teen pregnancy rates?

Again, not shockingly, teenage births remain highest in the more religious states. Why? Oh, it might be because abstinence education is proven to be ineffective. The correlation between teenage birthrates and the percentage of adults who say they are “very religious” is considerable (.69). The 2009 study posited that attitudes toward contraception play a significant role, noting that

“religious communities in the U.S. are more successful in discouraging the use of contraception among their teenagers than they are in discouraging sexual intercourse itself.”


A map of America, showing the highest teen birth rates.




Once again folks…abstinence education DOESN’T WORK!

Please, educate your kids about sex, no matter what religion you are.