Canada continues to pave the way in the sexually progressive revolution! Now, a smart new innovation is helping Canadian teens get fast, accurate sexual health information, via text messaging.



Hopefully this is something that the USA will consider taking on to help with sex education in America. Planned Parenthood Canada has just launched this sexual health texting service for teens that will link them up with trained peer volunteers for personalized text message replies to sexual health questions.


Planned Parenthood Canada is on the cutting edge of new technology for helping teens stay informed.


Sarah Hobbs-Blyth, the Executive director of Planned Parenthood Torontohad this to say on the decision to take on the text messaging for sexual health information.

” It became clear that texting was something that we needed to offer to make it easier for teens to get sexual information they needed and can trust to be accurate”

The technology doesn’t’ stop there either. Planned Parenthood created the Teen Health Source to include a comprehensive new sexual health website at as well as peer education services. Teens can reach peer volunteers directly by text at 647-933-5399, by phone at 416-961-3200, and by email or MSN instant messenger at Volunteers are available to answer questions 5 days a week, on Monday to Wednesday from 4-9pm and Saturday to Sunday from 12-6pm.

Come on America, let’s catch up to the Canuks! Hopefully soon people will start supporting Planned Parenthood again over here.